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Intelink Legal Funds


UC San Diego is grateful to partner with law firms to offer funding for legal services for UC San Diego affiliated entrepreneurs! 

Intelink Law Group is providing $100,000 in funds to UC San Diego entrepreneurs for legal services. Funding is available on a 1:1 matching basis.

Program Details

Intelink Law Group is a robust partner of the entrepreneurial community at UC San Diego and enthusiastically supports campus-based entrepreneurial activities and student-led startups. 

In support of these activities, Intelink Law Group has committed to providing $100,000 in legal funding per year to help startups reduce the costs of legal services for founders who are young alumni, postdocs or students.

 The Intelink Law Group legal funds program is open to the following regardless of academic department and/or campus incubator affiliation:

  • Current undergraduate students
  • Current graduate students 
  • Current postdoctoral fellows and those who have completed their term on campus within the last year
  • Alumni
  • Current faculty (note priority will be given to students, postdoctoral fellows, and alumni)

Distribution of legal funding is managed by the Office of Innovation and Commercialization through a rolling application and review process. If a startup is part of an incubator on campus, a recommendation for funding from their incubator is required.

Funding is distributed on a rolling basis throughout the year until all available funding is allocated and funding is provided on 1:1 matching basis.*  All funding allocations require approval from Intelink Law Group to confirm their ability to perform the work proposed in the funding request. 

*1:1 matching basis means that if a company has $1,000 in legal fees due to Intelink Law Group, the company will be responsible for paying $500 directly to Intelink Law Group and the remaining $500 will be covered by the grant.  


Funding is accessible to the following regardless of academic department and/or campus incubator affiliation:

  • Current undergraduate and graduate students
  • Current postdoctoral fellows (or postdoctoral fellow that completed the fellowship on campus within the last year)
  • Alumni
  • Current faculty (note priority will be given to students, postdoctoral fellows, and alumni)

How to Apply for Funding

Step 1:

Schedule a meeting with Intelink Law Group to discuss your business' legal needs.  View available Intelink Law Group Office Hours.

Step 2:

Work with Intelink Law Group to develop an estimated cost for the services your business requires.

Step 3:

Complete the Legal Fund Application and Verification & Support Form.  For the Verification and Support Form, you will need to identify a designated individual to complete the form. An application will not be considered complete until both the application and support form are completed. Examples of qualified individuals to provide this Verification and Support Form include, but are not limited to:

  • Incubator/Accelerator Program Administrators
  • Faculty Advisors
  • Mentors

Step 4:

Wait for notice regarding your application. Applicants meeting eligibility requirements should expect a response to their application within two to four weeks of submission.

Step 5:

If approved for the matching funds requested, work with Intelink Law Group to fulfill legal needs for your startup.


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