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Your Startup Journey Begins Now

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No matter which phase you're in, we can find you the best level of support, whether that's early on in the ideation phase or later on as you look to take your established business into a thriving enterprise. Find out exactly what happens at each stage and how we can help.

Startup Journey Phases: ideate, explore, validate, launch, and grow

Ideate Phase

Do you have a new product or business, but don't have a defined market opportunity and/or little-to-no funding? If your intial product is still not defined, but you have plenty to build off of and do, then this is the phase for you.

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Explore Phase

Creating a business or company in a niche space is challenging. Your initial product and what makes it unique is outlined. You have some funding, and your invention has been disclosed to UC San Diego or your initial protection has been established. And yet, you need to expand your understanding and strategy more than ever. 

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Validate Phase

You have aligned yourself with an experienced team. You now have a hypothesis of how your idea, product or business will resonate with consumers. It sounds like you're ready to test that hypothesis in the market. Prosecute your initial patent portfolio with adequate funding.

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Launch Phase

Your initial management team is already in place with your go-to-market strategy defined. You are seeking seed investment and initial revenue. Your initial product is secured and you're ready to defend it as you expand your business.

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Grow Phase

You now have your expanded management team in place with an advisory board. You're discussing customer acquisition with your strategic partners. You have your initial product strategy in place, while you search for qualified investors to bring about more growth.

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Secure the backing you need to succeed. Our office is dedicated to providing budding companies with internal funding opportunities and access to external investors.

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