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Empowering a Diverse Innovation Ecosystem

The stark reality is our innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems lack diversity— a systemic bias that stifles creativity, progress, and potential while perpetuating disparities. It's time to recognize this imbalance, break barriers, and provide innovation opportunities to all society, not just a select few, for a truly transformative innovation community.

We, at UC San Diego, are committed to forging a vibrant entrepreneurial community that radiates diversity, not only in embracing ideals, but in championing varied perspectives. Our mission is to lay the very scaffold that ensures innovation flourishes across all society for generations. We believe this is only possible through unconstrained, diverse minds, investing fully in talent and innovation across our community and region. That is why we ask all our stakeholders to actively promote equity, weave networks for inclusivity, and stand as an ally.

Be it technological breakthroughs, research commercialization, or tech licensing, OIC offers unwavering support for your long-term success.



Innovation at the Edge- Leveraging Success in Equitable Funding (5.2.24)

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