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Programs & Resources for Entrepreneurs

Browse our selected programs and resources below, which were carefully curated to help entrepreneurs like you through the process of commercialization and licensing technology. If you have questions or would like us to connect you with a particular resource, please get in touch with us.



Open Flow

For Entrepreneurs / Startups
UC San Diego has streamlined the process of getting these technologies into the hands of the entrepreneurs who can develop them for the benefit of consumers and society. The Open Flow Innovation program is a new business-friendly approach to rapidly license technologies to new startup companies on terms appropriate to the stage of development of these companies. This program is underpinned by simplified license templates that expedite the process of transferring technologies to start-ups. In particular, these licenses are designed to remove the burden of up-front costs from a start-up company, while still allowing them to secure the technology they need to develop their businesses. 

Innovation Zones Licensing

For Companies / Industry
UC San Diego has established the Innovation Zones Program, following consultation with our industry partners and in response to requests for a more flexible approach around research collaboration and subsequent licensing. Via the Innovation Zone program, a company entering a research collaboration is able (provided certain criteria are met) to secure an upfront license to any intellectual property created in the course of the research, all as part of the original agreement. It also simplifies the IP terms in an effort to streamline and give more transparency to the process. UC San Diego hopes that this responsive approach will deepen our already expansive partnerships with the industrial community and result in more of our technologies being translated into products and services for the benefit of society.