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Disclosure Overview

For a UC San Diego researcher, disclosing an invention or copyrightable work to the Office of Innovation and Commercialization starts the process of converting research breakthroughs into products that benefit society. The eDisclosure system provides a secure web-based method to submit, update, manage and track your invention or copyright disclosure. Learn more about the eDisclosure System.


Know When to Submit Your Disclosure

For an invention, you should submit a disclosure as soon as you think that you have a potentially valuable innovation and can provide a reasonably clear description of it. Early submission will allow OIC to assess your invention towards a timely filing of a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office. When in doubt, contact OIC to discuss your idea ( As a rule of thumb, let OIC know about your invention before discussing it with anyone outside your circle of UC San Diego researchers and co-workers. Novelty is a key criterion of patentability, so prior to filing, taking precautions to limit public availability of information about your invention would help ensure the preservation of its patent rights.

In the case of a copyright disclosure, it is recommended that the work be disclosed sooner rather than later, and if possible, before it is made public to clarify ownership rights and ensure that the work is distributed under an appropriate license (e.g., software to be open-sourced).


Moving Your Innovation Forward

An Innovation and Commercialization Manager (ICM) will be designated to partner with you to formulate and pursue a patent/copyright, marketing and commercialization strategy that aligns with your development efforts and carves a path to success. Your ICM will meet with you to discuss your invention/work, its applications, any sponsors and non-UC inventors, potential partners and your plans to publish or present the invention.

Your ICM will perform a preliminary assessment of the pertinent intellectual property landscape. Assuming your innovation is viable and/or a provisional application is filed, OIC will conduct research into the relevant markets. With your input and participation, OIC will market the technology and engage with potential licensees, including existing corporate entities and entrepreneurs seeking to launch a new startup (possibly with you as founder). Ideally, OIC will be able to license your invention or copyrightable work, providing tangible validation of your innovation as well as economic and social benefit. Net revenue from licensing is shared with inventors and authors on a yearly basis in accordance with University of California policies.  

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