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What We Believe

Paul Roben, Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation & Commercialization speaking at an event

We consider ourselves proud ambassadors of innovation and technology, creating value for the campus to positively impact the world. We close the gap between the academic environment and end users. We also contribute to the campus voice for entrepreneurship, advancing a culture of innovation at all levels and across disciplines. We are a Center of Excellence within Research Affairs, and believe innovation means bringing together diverse perspectives to craft original solutions with real value. 



Our Core Values

Be a trusted partner

  • It's all about engagement. We foster and nurture relationships, both internal and external, for the benefit of inventors, campus community, and society at large.
  • Every relationship is unique. We step into our partners' worlds to understand their priorities and needs.

Set a high bar for ourselves

  • From research to market, from bench to bedside, we are the intellectual capital experts.
  • We strive to inspire excellence, acting with integrity and professionalism in all we do.

Recognize and empower potential

  • We are strategic thinkers and appreciate that creative solutions require empathy and an open mind.
  • We identify and grow future leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and risk-takers.
  • We facilitate access and connect the dots. We deliver a network of opportunities that connects people to resources, ideas and programs.
  • We cultivate meaningful relationships with alumni that engage their expertise and celebrate their achievements.

Strive for a culture of appreciation and recognition

  • We acknowledge differences and appreciate people for who they are, what they do, and how they contribute to our mission.
  • We value and reward a job well done.
  • We understand that our work impacts others, so we strive for effective communication and transparency in all directions and al all levels.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

As a department of Research Affairs within UC San Diego, we place the highest value on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). We recognize that we must continue to do more to persist in opening up the entrepreneurial ecosystem to all. The marginalization of any part of our community is a reflection of all of us and makes our entire society not only less innovative and agile, but ultimately, less resilient and human.

We believe that resources to advance innovation must serve the population equitably. Success is defined by the communities we serve, and achieved only by creating equal opportunity for all. It is our mission to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. We have a shared responsibility alongside UC San Diego to build a more open community and culture that celebrates, values, and encourages diverse perspectives. These core beliefs strengthen our quest for truly innovative solutions. 

To this end, we are focused on doing more to invest in talent and innovation, through the lens of equity and diversity, in a way that supports entrepreneurial mobility for ALL community members. We are committing to:

  • Continued diversification of our programs in our understanding that representation matters
  • Launch of new programs supporting minority entrepreneurs
  • Public-private partnerships with our community to develop solutions that benefit underserved communities in the greater San Diego region.

Additionally, our Inclusive Innovation Committee, which works in alignment with the Research Affairs Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (RA EDI), has the following strategic goals:

  1. Advancement. Within a transparent pipeline, ensure EDI-specific concerns are addressed regarding career advancement
  2. Culture. Celebrate and prioritize culture and diversity to strengthen the culture and climate within Research Affairs
  3. Hiring and Recruitment. Expand Equity, Diversity and Inclusion hiring practices in Research Affairs.

We encourage everyone in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to make equitable investments, extend your networks across all our communities, and stand united in creating an inclusive community for all. Our future depends on it.

Learn more about Research Affairs' commitment to advancing EDI.