Student Innovation

Applying novel ideas and better solutions that address new or existing needs to positively impact society         

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UC San Diego has a number of programs that will provide mentorship and nurturing to further your innovative thinking.

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Why should you join a student organization?

Joining student organizations is a great way to build strong professional networks, seek out coaching and mentoring for your professional pursuits, or just meet other people with similar interests.

With close to 350 different student organizations, UC San Diego has a variety of clubs, foundations, collectives, societies and associations that provide opportunities to get involved and pursue interests.

The Rady School of Management offers and encourages business and accounting related student organizations the opportunity to hold their meetings in Rady School classrooms.

Student Startup Success Stories



“The World’s First Smart Earplugs”

Started by three young engineers at UC San Diego with guidance from experienced consumer products market advisors, “Hush combines youthful passion with the tried-and-true experience needed to innovate on this age old problem of noise bothering sleep.”

Aided by a number of UC San Diego entrepreneurship programs, including those offered by the Rady School of Management, the von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and the BrightEyes mentorship program, the result is Smart wireless earplugs that block out external sounds but still allow users to hear their alarm clock and important messages via a smartphone app.

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“Join the Future of Collaboration”

Frustrated by the lack of tools available to nanoengineers for complex nanoscale 3D modeling and simulation, Nanome co-founders Steven McCloskey and Keita Funakawa set out to remedy the problem and a company was born. Nanome uses Virtual Reality and Blockchain technology to “build intelligent virtual reality interfaces that enable scientists and engineers to collaborate, design and simulate with nanoscale precision.” Nanome’s hands-on virtual reality interface software provides research and development solutions in life sciences, materials sciences, and nanoengineering.

As two of Nanome’s UC San Diego alumni co-founders, McKloskey and Funakawa took advantage of multiple resources available to entrepreneurs at UC San Diego, such as The Basement and programs at the Jacobs School of Engineering von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center (which is now part of the Institute for the Global Entrepreneur). McKloskey and Funakawa also joined the Calit2 Innovation Space and Pepperhouse Incubator, and won the Entrepreneur Challenge, as well as Triton Entrepreneur Night in 2016.

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