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Startup Journey phases, with phase 3: Validate highlighted


Product - Market - Fit

Can you productize your innovation into a solution with a consumer market?

At the end of this stage, the goal is to have a minimum viable product or solution for the next part of your journey.

Browse our carefully curated programs and resources below to help you through the challenges of this stage. Get in touch with us to get connected with any of these resources. 


Check Out These Campus Programs

♦ Autobahn Labs Collaboration

For researchers
A resource for pharmaceuitcal development, this  collaboration with Autobahn is for new drug discovery and delivery. It includes access to Evotec’s high throughput drug screening and discovery platforms, drug optimization and validation, as well as basic research and preclinical work with cell lines, primary human cells, iPSCs, and animal models.

♦ The Basement Blacksone LaunchPad Incubator

For students
UC San Diego students (both undergraduate and graduate) with entrepreneurial or social impact interests are encouraged to apply to the Blackstone LaunchPad incubator. Participants in the program gain entrepreneurship skills and tools to develop their social impact or business idea.

Device Acceleration Center

For researchers
Serves as the ideation and testing hub of medical devices at UC San Diego by providing; translational science training; identifying unmet clinical needs amenable to clinician-engineer collaboration, prototype testing; and commercialization.

♦ Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)

For students / faculty
This campus-wide resource is designed to support research-based entrepreneurship. Inventors and student entrepreneurs can get expert guidance on early-stage technologies, commercialization strategies, and startup creation.


For students
Hands-on, experiential education facility where visual arts and engineering communities converge. It provides a wide range of design fabrication and prototyping tools, both analog and digital.

Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine

For researchers
Supports projects that identify clinical challenges for which engineering solutions can be developed and implemented to improve health care.


For researchers
UC San Diego's MedTech Incubator, combining physicians and entrepreneurs to solve challenging problems in healthcare.

IGE MedTech Accelerator

For teams / startups
This program wil help to navigate the complex process of bringing medical innovations to market. And is tailored for teams and startups across the spectrum of product and business development.  Applicants can enter at any point in the sequence.

Institute of Engineering in Medicine

For researchers
Facilitates the integration of engineering principles and novel technologies with biomedical and translational research.

♦ Legal Office Hours

For students
Get advice on starting and running a business or startup from some of San Diego’s best business lawyers.

 ♦ Premier Innovation Partnership

For researchers
Premier Innovation Partners provide critical guidance and industry insights that form the bridge between scientific and commercially viable outcomes for new developments at UC San Diego.

Qualcomm Institute Prototyping Facility & Design Studio

For students
The services listed on this page are made available to both internal and external collaborators.

Startup San Diego

For community members
Represents the interests of entrepreneurs, celebrates successes, and fosters a cohesive and collaborative community. San Diego Startup Week, on October 25 – 28th, will hold 8 specialized tracks, receptions, startup expos, pitch competition and tournament, incubator demo night, and startup awards and networking.

Designates OIC program


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