Our Technology Licensing Process

A license that works for you

UC San Diego's licensing practice can accommodate a range of alternatives including: exclusive, non-exclusive, field of use, and other limited licenses. The type of license is dependent on circumstances and industry sector.

At one end of the spectrum, there are low cost, nonexclusive licenses granted to companies that want to quickly enter a market where intellectual property protection is less critical. At the other end of the spectrum, there are exclusive licenses for platform technologies where intellectual property protection is paramount. At any point on the spectrum, UC San Diego Innovation and Commercialization Managers will work with potential licensees to establish fair and appropriate terms for the particular technology and industry sector.

To commercialize the invention, a startup company should have:

  • A general business plan that delineates a clear strategy 
  • The ability to secure technical, financial, and personnel resources in a timely manner
  • Relevant experience for development and commercialization of the invention
  • Appropriate marketing capabilities
  • A strong desire and commitment to make the product or technology a success
  • The ability to meet any regulatory requirements needed to commercialize the technology
  • Sufficient capacity to satisfy market demand for the technology
  • A demonstrated commitment to the University's invention in light of other technologies competing for resources in the company
  • Goals that generally align with the University's public benefit mission

NEW Startup-Friendly Programs: Open Flow Innovation

UC San Diego recently launched a new business friendly approach for rapidly licensing technologies to new startup companies with terms appropriate for the development stage of these companies. The program is underpinned by simplified license templates that expedite the process of transferring technologies to startups. Open Flow Innovation Licenses are designed to allow startups to secure technology needed for business development without the burden of upfront costs.

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