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With over one billion dollars in annual research supporting more than twenty multidisciplinary organized research units to ensure maximum impact in the community, UC San Diego is committed to streamlining the technologies to entrepreneurs and established companies who can best develop them for economic growth the benefit of society. Our office has a track record of success in technology commercialization with science and business experts eager to find ways our research can transform your business or startup.

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Licensing New Technologies?

If you are looking for technology to commercialize, we have thousands of inventions that range across multiple scientific categories.

How does Licensing Work?

Engage with our experienced staff so that we can work with your startup on its path to commercialization or augment the portfolio of existing companies.

Types of Agreements

Our office partners with you to provide the optimal type of agreement for your licensed technology.

Education and Programs

Learn and participate in programs on the commercialization process.

Are You Looking to Develop New Ideas or Validate Your Existing Technology?

Following consultation with our industry partners and in response to requests for a more flexible approach, UC San Diego launched the Innovation Zones Program for companies who want to form a research collaboration and secure an upfront license to intellectual property created in the course of the research, all as part of the original agreement. By streamlining the process and providing more transparency, we hope this responsive approach will deepen our already expansive partnerships with industry and result in more of our technologies being translated into products and services for the benefit of society.

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Licensing Success Story



Top Cancer Therapeutic from UC San Diego

UC San Diego faculty members Dr. John Mendelsohn and Dr. Gordon H. Sato developed a specific monoclonal antibody that was shown to block a key molecule involved in cellular activation of a cell signaling pathway.  This monoclonal antibody, Cetuximab (trade name Erbitux), is a epidermal growth factor receptor (EGRF) inhibitor which was one of the first FDA approved (2004) drugs for the therapeutic treatment metastatic colorectal cancer, non-small lung and head and neck cancer.  In 2013, Erbitux was listed as the eighth bestselling cancer drug worldwide.

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