License Technology

UC San Diego, in its licensing practice, can accommodate a range of licensing alternatives, including exclusive, non-exclusive, and Field of Use and other limited licenses, depending on the circumstances and industry sector. At one end of the spectrum are low-cost, non-exclusive licenses granted to companies that want to enter a market quickly and where intellectual property protection is less critical. At the other end of the spectrum is an exclusive license for a platform technology that was fully funded by public funds where intellectual property rights are paramount. UC commercialization officers will work with potential licensees to establish terms that are fair and appropriate for the technology and the particular industry sector.

Licensees typically:

    • Reimburse UC for patent costs for licensed technology;
    • Ensure diligent commercialization of licensed technology according to a sound business plan;
    • Pay a license issuance fee (UC may take equity in small or start-up companies as part of this consideration);
    • Pay a royalty on net sales of licensed products;
    • And accept provisions required by UC policy and California law.

Example Agreements: