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Healthcare Horizons – Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine Seminar Series


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Compressed Sensing Image Acquisition and Processing for Single Photon Emission Tomography


The Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine (GEM) grant program is a collaboration between UC San Diego Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI) and UC San Diego Institute of Engineering in Medicine (IEM). It was established in 2013 and 19 teams have been funded. This year, we will have a seminar series “Healthcare Horizons – Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine” that will showcase the GEM projects and provide a forum for establishing more collaborations between clinicians and engineers. The seminars will be held at 5:00 p.m. on the first and third Monday of the month, beginning November 5th, in the large seminar room in the Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior building at UC San Diego. The format will consist of one or two prior GEM awardees giving a 15- to 20-minute presentation followed by questions and time for networking. We also will ask clinical attendees to list an important healthcare challenge in their field that is amenable to an engineering solution and engineering attendees to provide a short description (1 to 2 sentences) of their area of expertise. The responses will be collated and sent to all individuals who have attended the seminar and provided their e-mail address. With permission from the attendee, we will also post it on our ACTRI website.

The GEM competition this year will consist of only one phase with an application submitted by the Clinician-Engineer team (the due date will be at the end of March, 2019). We hope that the seminar series will “galvanize” the formation of new teams to develop innovative engineering solutions for challenging problems in healthcare.


  • Bhaskar Rao, PhD – Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Sebastian Obrzut, MD – Radiology
  • Bongyong Song, PhD – Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences

Healthcare Horizons GEM Seminars:

  • November 5 – Injectable Biomaterial for Treating Pelvic Disorders
  • November 19 – Battery-Free Wireless Wearable Sensors for Sleep Monitoring
  • November 19 – Developing Methods to Optimize Accuracy, Efficiency, and Safety in Telerobotic Surgery
  • December 3 – Development of Patient-Specific Indices of Left-Ventricular Blood Stasis by Echocardiographic Imaging and Analyses of Intraventricular Flow
  • December 3 – Posterior Chamber Intraocular Pressure Measurement Device for Keratoprosthesis and Glaucoma Patients
  • December 17 – Compressed Sensing Image Acquisition and Processing for Single Photon Emission Tomography

*All seminars will be held in Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior Building, Marilyn G. Farquhar Seminar Room at 5:00pm*