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Communicate with Purpose


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Biocom-McGraw Conference Room


OVERVIEW:In an increasingly noisy landscape, it is critically important that information is shared in a way that is clearly heard, and well understood so that action can be taken. Whether presenting to senior leadership or having 1:1 meetings with a key stakeholder, it is imperative that you express yourself clearly, and can guide conversations towards a recommended action or decision.

If you are someone who…

• Is often asked to speak on the fly with little prep time to organize your thoughts
• Frequently communicates in meetings, with or without visuals to guide your message

• Delivers presentations to leadership in which you are making a recommendation or influencing a decision

Then this workshop may be just for you. This half-day Communicate with Purpose workshop introduces two practical
communication frameworks that take the guesswork out of structuring messages that engage listeners to achieve results.
You will have the opportunity to apply each framework to a communication of your own so that you can test out the tools
on content relevant to you. You will also receive feedback during the session so you can further hone your message.

By the end of this training, you will be able to:

• Assess strengths and development areas around strategic communication and presentations
• Apply a framework to communicate with purpose and clarity in day-to-day communications
(e.g., emails, meetings, and presentations)
• Apply a framework to strategically think through and organize your thoughts for decision-making

If you or someone on your team could be more purposeful in their communication, consider joining this half-day class.

LINK TO PRE-WORK DOCUMENT: DURATION: 4 hours (8:30am – 12:30pm)

Enjoy 5% discount when three or more from the same company register!
Questions? Contact Catriona Breider at or 858-638-7544.