Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program

The Entrepreneurs-in-Residence program provides opportunities for successful entrepreneurs to partner with the UC San Diego community

UC San Diego Entrepreneurs in Residence 2020-2021

About the Program

Launched in 2015, this campus-wide resource is designed to support research-based entrepreneurship. Inventors and student entrepreneurs can get expert guidance on early-stage technologies, commercialization strategies, and startup creation. With years of industry experience, EIRs are available to help define the market case, build business models, advise on fundraising, and solve other common challenges.

2020 EIR Profiles with background and expertise details: CLICK TO VIEW FULL PDF

NOTE: all email addresses use @ucsd.edu. To read more about this year's cohort, click here.

2021-22 Open Call

UC San Diego invites inquiries for the 2021-22 Entrepreneur-In-Residence program. We’re looking for enthusiastic, successful entrepreneurs to help our students and faculty develop their ideas, advise teams on the road ahead, and potentially find your next company.

We anticipate opportunities for up to 8-10 entrepreneurs from September 2020 through July 2021 (the 2020-21 academic year). Successful EIRs must be able to commit time, energy, and advising insight to teams within our innovation ecosystem. In practice, this can mean spending time at office hours to meet with entrepreneurs or inventors, speaking at events, serving as a judge for competitions, or lecturing for certificate or bootcamp courses. The fact is that this is an open-ended approach for EIRs with well defined outcomes - the formation of start-ups at UC San Diego.


Dylan Weening | dweening@


Sonia Steinway | ssteinway@


Nishal Mohan | n1mohan@


Cari Enayati | cenayati@


Sanjay Mistry | smistry@


Mike Roberts | m4roberts@


Brendan Eckelman | beckelman@


Jay Park | jp006@


Anna Symonds | asymonds@


Marco Curreli | mcurreli@


SK Sharma | sksharma@


Avon Kendrick | akendrick@


Brant Chlebowski | bchlebow@


These EIRs are listed because they remain active and available for contact from UC San Diego Entrepreneurs and Innovation centers. Please reach out directly and contact eirprogram@ucsd.edu if you encounter any technical issues with email bounce back. Click on their photos to connect on Linkedin!

2019 EIR Emeriti Profiles: Download PDF Here

Dan Magy, 2019

dmagy @ ucsd.edu

Rachel Costello, 2019

rcostello @ ucsd.edu

Paul Shockley, EIR 2019

pshockley @ ucsd.edu

Geraldine Ridaura

Geraldine Ridaura, EIR 2019

gridaura @ ucsd.edu

Julie Fishman, EIR 2019

jufishman @ ucsd.edu

Shahin Enayati, EIR 2019

senayati @ ucsd.edu

Prasad Sunkara, EIR 2019

psunkara @ ucsd.edu

Paul Grint, EIR 2019

pgrint @ ucsd.edu

Debbie Chen, EIR 2019

d4chen @ ucsd.edu

Parand Darugar, EIR 2019

tdarugar @ ucsd.edu

Raksha Shah, EIR 2018

raksha @ ucsd.edu

George Eiskamp, EIR 2018

geiskamp @ ucsd.edu

Ashok Kamal, EIR 2018

connect on linkedin!

Rick Cooper, EIR 2018

ricooper @ ucsd.edu

Schedule an Appointment

EIRs enjoy meeting UC San Diego inventors and learning about technologies at all stages of development. Faculty, researchers, postdocs, students, and staff are invited to schedule introductory conversations. For questions about the program, or to schedule a meeting, contact eirprogram@ucsd.edu.

EIR Emeriti - Linkedin Connections

Ekta Dang

Venture capitalist, Intel



Ted Daley

Biotechnology executive and founder


Andrew Hewitt

Founder, GameChangers 500


Danielle Rowley

Founder/CEO, Performa Learning Inc.


Frank Stonebanks

Senior Advisor, NovaQuest Capital


John Beane

Founder and CEO, MemComputing Inc.


Martha Symko-Davies

Laboratory Program Manager, NREL


Gioia Messinger

Founder, LinkedObjects


Tim Rueth (1960-2019)



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