customized support for raising investment capital

Investment Prep

This program is designed specifically to raise investment funds for your startup by supporting you with extensive dedicated 1:1 coaching and a few group learning sessions that will help you analyze your business for investment readiness, address challenge areas, and build an outstanding investor pitch and prepare to pitch at curated investor pitch sessions that bring investors to you. During this program you will:

  • analyze your business from an investor's mindset
  • develop and deliver a polished and professional investor pitch
  • address the brand and visual components required to have an outstanding pitch deck
  • prepare answers to difficult questions that investors will ask
  • learn to cross the communication gap between investors, entrepreneurs and researchers
  • identify and develop key information and documentation in preparation for the due diligence process
  • build a fundraising strategy and identify target investors for your startup
  • raise investment capital for your startup company




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