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We offer several accelerator and incubator programs to nurture the development of new ideas and companies. These organizations promote a vibrant innovation ecosystem on campus and place you in a program that matches your needs.


What is an Accelerator?

An accelerator offers a range of services to speed your startup by acting as a type of bootcamp that helps you hit the ground running in a few months.

Is an accelerator a good fit for me?

If you already have a prototype or working model ready for market, you may be a good candidate for accelerator programs ready to launch with minimum viable product. We connect candidates with accelerator programs that assist in customer development, angel investment, business milestone and technical achievement.

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What is an Incubator?

An incubator offers a range of support services to nurture businesses in their startup phase and allow companies to develop at their own pace in those first formative years.

Is an incubator a good fit for me?

If you have an idea or don’t know where to start, incubators can help build a prototype, develop a business model, analyze the market and mentor a new entrepreneur. OIC provides candidates with access to our partners in ideation.

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Campus Accelerators


IGE Tech Accelerator

Established to fast track early stage, high impact technologies and shorten timelines for innovations to enter the market,   IGE Tech Accelerator provides selected teams with mentors, domain experts, and industry partners for advancement of technologies to the near market prototype stage.
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A highly unique accelerator created to increase and encourage diversity in entrepreneurship, mystartupXX provides programs and workshops focused on various aspects of launching startups – team building, leadership, market assessment, customer feedback, value proposition creation, business model validation, financing strategies – all things needed to start a business. Each startup works with a mentor and meets regularly with advisers to monitor and encourage its progress. The program is open to all UC San Diego undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral students and recent alumni.
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Social Venture Accelerator (SVA)

SVA provides both investment capital to entrepreneurs and hands-on learning experience and is designed to support students of all levels at UC San Diego who are interested in creating social impact through entrepreneurship.

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Veteran Ventures at The Rady School of Management

Are you a military veteran who wants to become an entrepreneur? Initiated in 2017, Veteran Ventures is a free program geared toward military veteran entrepreneurs who are ready to move from business concept to a viable operation. With a focus on mentoring and coaching, this accelerator program is greatly benefited by the addition of Michael Hayden, a Marine veteran and entrepreneur who serves as the program’s facilitator. What’s more, you are not required to have any affiliation with UC San Diego.
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What is a StartR?

A nonprofit accelerator program for Rady School of Management students and alumni, StartR is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the tools needed to start and grow their businesses.

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Campus Incubators


A recent biomedical incubator started by bioengineering graduate students and developed as a technological platform to address the limitations associated with current preclinical pharmaceutical drug testing processes, the Blue LINC biomedical incubator provides graduate students from the schools of medicine, business, engineering, and design (among others) with an opportunity to solve clinical problems and create a healthcare startup. Any graduate student at UC San Diego is encouraged to apply.
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Blue Tech Incubator

City of San Diego has awarded The Maritime Alliance a $50,000 grant to launch a Blue Tech incubator designed to grow ocean- and water-based industries and put San Diego front and center globally for blue technology.   The incubator will help young companies gain access to the support, products and services they need to succeed in the Blue Tech industry. The incubator is located at the San Diego office of Dentons.  The Maritime Alliance is also collaborating with UC San Diego and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
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EnVision Arts and Engineering Maker Studio

The EnVision Arts and Engineering Maker Studio at UC San Diego is a hands on, experiential education facility where visual arts and engineering communities converge. The nearly 3,000 square foot studio provides a wide range of design, fabrication and prototyping tools, both analog and digital.

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Prototyping Facility (Qi Qualcomm Institute) 

We are here to help you build things. If you need to create embedded electronics, mechanical devices, robotic contraptions, real time networking software, 3D printed structures, or general systems engineering support, then look no further; we are here for you.  Our goal is to provide prototyping engineering services to UCSD researchers.

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Qualcomm Institute Innovation Space (QI Innovation)  

QI Innovation offers leased space and technical resources from the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) to faculty startups, industry partners, and national laboratories.
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The Basement

With its mission to stimulate, encourage, and serve the entrepreneurial spirit of UC San Diego students by providing a collaborative work and incubation space, the Basement is a campuswide resource with involvement from alumni and community leaders that all university students can access, regardless of college or department affiliation. Community facing workshops and programs offered by The Basement provide opportunities for alumni and community members to get introduced to involved with our innovation ecosystem.
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Center for Novel Therapeutics (CNT) Incubator -Coming Soon 2019

The CNT is intended to promote creation of new personalized therapeutics through research conducted by UC San Diego investigators and private sector collaborators in shared space.  CNT will conduct novel therapeutic, prevention, diagnostic and image intervention-directed research leading to and including early stage and advanced clinical trials.

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