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Our office is your partner of choice to create and catalyze new ventures.  With over 770 companies formed through licensed university technology since 1988, our track record demonstrates our history of success.  We empower our partners to launch startups and create innovative ecosystems by providing a full suite of resources designed to accelerate the path to success.

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Accelerators & Incubators

We partner with accelerator and incubator programs on the UC San Diego campus to nurture the development of new ideas and companies.


UC San Diego offers experienced faculty, technology leaders, and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence to assist you in startup creation.

Funding Opportunities

UC San Diego fosters relationships with funding resources to support the development of new technologies and growth of our local economy.

Regional Ecosystem Resources

We have strong connections to the greater San Diego regional innovation ecosystem.

Legal Office Hours

Learn the legalities of starting and running a business or startup from some of San Diego's best business lawyers.

Startup Success Stories



Founded in 2015 by UC San Diego scientists Razelle Kurzrock M.D. and Igor Tsigelny Ph.D., CureMatch is a San Diego based digital health company focused on personalized medicine and combination therapy in oncology. The CureMatch Decision Support System guides oncologists in custom cancer drug selection for individual patients based on molecular tumor profiles.

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Founded in 2016 with the goal of making a computing system that functions more like the human brain, MemComputing is a San Diego based company built on the research of  two UC San Diego Ph.D. physicists. Max Di Ventra and Fabio L. Traversa first introduced the mathematical concept of Universal Memcomputing Machines (UMM) and showed these machines could efficiently solve difficult problems. Then they introduced the “Self-Organizing Logic Gates” concept,  which led to a class of digital (and scalable) UMMs that can be integrated in both software and hardware using current technology.

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