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Autobahn Labs Partnership

About the Program:

Autobahn Labs LLC is a newly conceived drug discovery and development engine funded by Samsara BioCapital, Evotec, and KCK Group. Their goal is to catalyze the translation of nascent academic projects from partner institutions into transformational new medicines. These programs, often too embryonic to attract conventional life sciences venture capital, will be shepherded by a team of experienced drug developers, in conjunction with an R&D partner Evotec, a world-leading CRO, to translate the science into potential therapeutics.

Autobahn commits up to $5 million in funding and provides the necessary research and development to transform therapeutic projects, or compelling ideas, into validated preclinical drug candidates. A partnership with Autobahn includes access to Evotec's high throughput drug screening and discovery platforms, drug optimization and validation, as well as basic research and preclinical work with cell lines, primary human cells, iPSCs, and animal models. Projects can span various drug modalities including small molecules, antibodies, and other biologics, gene, and cell therapy. All work is done in close collaboration with the academic founders who are expected to be intimately involved throughout the drug development process.

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To learn more, visit their website. For inquires, please email