This is an opportunity for us all to learn – to recognize the impact of systemic racism, white supremacy and oppression in our society and to reject it.

The marginalization of any part of our community is a reflection on all of us and makes our entire society weaker and ultimately less human.

These recent events have proven that we must do more and that resources to advance innovation must serve the population equitably. We must do more to invest in talent and innovation, through the lens of equity and diversity, in a way that supports entrepreneurial mobility for Black Americans and all minority  communities.

We are proud of the efforts we have made in OIC in equity, diversity and inclusion through the programs we offer to our campus community. However, we cannot take our successes for granted, as this work requires persistence. As such, we must redouble our efforts to ensure that there is a day when nobody in our community – Black Americans or any other historically oppressed group – feels their voice is unheard or life is unvalued.


OIC is committing to:

  • First and foremost to listen, and to work with our minority communities to identify their needs and work towards equality

  • Continued diversification of our programs in our understanding that representation matters

  • Launch new programs supporting minority entrepreneurs

  • Public-private partnerships with our community to develop solutions that benefit underserved communities in south and eastern San Diego.


Racism and oppression is not acceptable. I encourage everyone in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to make equitable investments, extend your networks across all our communities, and stand united to defeat racism. Now and always.

I also encourage you to give to one of the many excellent organizations combating inequality, some of which can be found here.


Paul Roben

Associate Vice Chancellor, Innovation & Commercialization

Photography by eeman agrama-minert, Director of Residential Life & Associate Dean of Student Affairs

at Thurgood Marshall College, UC San Diego and Owner of myownbeat photography.