Understanding the Science of Work

From the hockey rinks of Canada, to conducting research on innovation, School of Global Policy and Strategy professor Elizabeth Lyons stays on the cutting edge

“Lyons sets out to answer questions such as, are innovators born or can they be created? And under what conditions does someone decide to leave their current employment to pursue entrepreneurship?

Inspired by her father, an electrical engineer who has founded several companies based on his inventions, Lyons in essence studies the science of work: how to increase efficiency in companies and firms, as well as worker productivity.

“My dad often spoke about the importance of applying his unique skill sets to bring life improving products to market, and he thrived in the highly uncertain and demanding role of a firm founder,” Lyons said. “His consuming passion for his work was fascinating and mysterious to me, and both led me to want to understand how anyone could enjoy the stress of entrepreneurship and to find a job that I was equally passionate about. My mom was an economist in the Canadian Government’s Department of Finance, so I think I kind of borrowed from both of their passions in figuring out my own.””


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