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CONNECT Frameworks Workshop: Funding Your Innovation with SBIR SEED Grants & Business Alliances


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This course workshop focuses on the development of seed capital with SBIR and STTR federal funding and business alliances as precursors to or in concert with private equity funding. Start-up company founders must typically sell their ideas to angel investors, corporate and private venture funds, and strategic partners while SBIR and STTR-funded proofs of concept and efficacy research are being completed. This workshop is for anyone who is launching a new venture and needs investment capital by means of federal SBIR or STTR funding, private equity and/or strategic investing partnerships to enable their growth. Raising the funds and finding the early adopter that you need to launch your new venture is a huge and often frustrating challenge. Prospects (early adopters, investors, reviewers, and partners) are distinguishable in terms of how to be approached. They possess distinguishable buyer behavior characteristics. How should you increase your chances to get their doors opened and create the best footing to succeed?

When:Thursday January 25, 2018 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Where: bkm OfficeWorks 4780 Eastgate Mall, Suite 100San Diego, CA 92212


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