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So, you want to be an entrepreneur?  Do you want to start a company? Do you have a dream? Do you have what it takes?Entrepreneurship is at times risky and rewarding; stressful and fulfilling, taxing and exciting. If this is for you, then consider the UC San Diego Certificate in Entrepreneurship to help you on this path. This program will provide a strong foundation to start your entrepreneurial journey with the right tools and mentorship.  Each program has at least 5 modules, with sessions held once a week, for two hours each; and is tailored for the specific audience. Each sessions is taught by university staff, along with industry speakers and seasoned successful entrepreneurs and practitioners from the community. The goal of the certificate is to provide tools to support individuals in transforming their concepts into real products and new companies. Who can benefit from this program?Early-stage entrepreneurs who: Have been working on an idea, but don’t know the next steps.Have an idea that they want to turn into a company. Are pre-revenue and pitching investors with no success.Are looking for something bigger than their current career.DATES & MODULESJune 14: BUSINESS MODEL GENERATIONJune 21: IDEATIONJune 28: CUSTOMER & MARKET DEVELOPMENTJuly 12: FINANCING YOUR STARTUPJuly 19: BUILDING YOUR TEAMJuly 26: APPLICATION OF ‘BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS’ PRESENTATIONS
Note: You need to attend a majority (5 of 6) workshops to receive the certificate.
In partnership with the City of Carlsbad.